Our Children's Story, Inc. started as a parent support group in Dekalb County, GA. We are now offically a 501c3 (since 2016) creating and offering opportunities for those who typically wouldn't be given a chance.  Every step taken is so my children can have something of substance while living in this world.


Anthony Jr. "Moo" 12/15/2005

Anthony Jr. also known as Moo was born on December 15th, 2005. I (his mother Libra) had a very easy pregnancy.  When I went into labor, I went to the hospital and followed all the protocols I was asked to follow by the nursing staff. When it was time to deliver, Anthony wouldn't come . The vacuum was tried 4 times and when that didn't work, Anthony was pushed back up into my belly for an emergency c-section.

Anthony went straight to the NICU in critical condition.  I really didn't know nor understand at the time what his life was really going to be like. I thought we would leave the hospital, and everything would be just fine.

Anthony left the hospital after being in the NICU for 3 weeks. Once we were home, little did I know, that would be the beginning of our rocky journey with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Today, Anthony is a very lovable boy who loves people, music, and animals (dogs to be specific). He goes to a special needs school and participates in outside activities (when he feels like it ...lmao). 

Anthony has shown me (and many others) what it means to be strong, fearless, accepting, forgiving and loving. He has been my teacher in life, and I will never be able to repay him for all he has taught me in the short years he's been here. 

He is my reason! I have found my purpose in life and I intend to honor him by going after everything my heart desires. 


Lyric Ja'Dore "Mr. Chubbs or Chubby" 12/11/2015

Lyric Ja'Dore was born on December 11th, 2015.  I was informed early on that Lyric was having issues with growing during my pregnancy.  Due to my past birthing experience with my oldest Moo, I was deemed high risk.  Every month I had to visit my OBGYN to check the weight of the baby.  

Lyric was born healthy with no complications.  After Lyric had his vaccines around 6-7months things started to change. Lyric stopped emerging through milestones. It started to take him longer to meet milestones.  

I started to suspect Autism, however I was truly praying for the opposite. I took him to Emory Autism where they diagnosed him in 2017 with Autism. My world was rocked for a moment, however, I knew from experience what I needed to do to help my son!

Lyric is my How in life. He has shown me what it means to live free. Free from what other's may think or feel about choices and differences.  I have gained so much from this little guy and I truly thank him for seeing my potential and helping me manifest into the best mother possible. 


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